Occurrence of Several Viruses Infecting Wild Growing Stone Fruit Trees in Central Bohemia

Winkowska, L., Grimova, L., Rysanek, P.

Page: 141-147

doi: 10.1515/sab-2016-0021

Changes of Some Biochemical Parameters in Rats Supplemented with High Doses of Zinc Lactate

Sloup, V., Jankovská, I., Langrová, I., Štolcová, M.,Sloup, S., Nechybová, S., Peřinková, P.

Page: 148-153

doi: 10.1515/sab-2016-0022

Nutritional Effects on Boar Taint in Entire Male Pigs: A Review

Urbanová, D., Stupka, R., Okrouhlá, M., Vehovský, K., Zadinová, K., Čítek, J.

Page: 154-163

doi: 10.1515/sab-2016-0023

Evaluation of Active Management Applied to Meadows with Phengaris Butterflies Occurrence

Bubová, T., Kulma, M., Vrabec, V.

Page: 164-173

doi: 10.1515/sab-2016-0024

Influence of Selected Factors on the Sawing Capacity of Sawmills in the Czech Republic

Bomba, J., Böhm, M., Šedivka, P., Friess, F., Orálková, R.

Page: 174-180

doi: 10.1515/sab-2016-0025

Biodiversity Evaluation of Geotrichum candidum Link. Is Arthrosporic Nucleus Number in Geotrichum candidum Related to the Fungus Biodiversity?

Koňuchová, M., Lehotová, V., Šípková, A., Piecková, E., Valík, Ľ.

Page: 181-186

doi: 10.1515/sab-2016-0026

Bioactive Enterococci Isolated from Slovak Ewes’ Lump Cheese

Lauková, A., Strompfová, V., Sza- bóová, R., Slottová, A., Tomáška, M., Kmeť, V., Kološta, M.
Page: 187-193
doi: 10.1515/sab-2016-0027

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